Walla Walla, WA – The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association is pleased to announce the 2022 Scholar American recipients. The honor is bestowed on NIRA members that have earned points at a 2021-2022 NIRA sanctioned rodeo, been in college for more than one term, earned a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, and have been nominated by their rodeo coach. They are as follows:

Afdahl, Blake, Mesalands Community College

Allen, Chisum, Cisco College

Allen, Lauren, Central Arizona College

Applegate, Maci, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Archibald, Jed, Weber State University

Arndt, Miranda, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Ast, Laci, Garden City Community College

Bang, Kelly, Dickinson State University

Bard, Ellie, Gillette College

Bastian, Jaicee, Utah Valley University

Bedke, Zoie, Idaho State University

Begay, Kiara, University of Arizona

Bennett, Patrick, College of Southern Idaho

Bjork, Nicholas, Black Hills State University

Block, Kaelan, Mitchell Technical College

Bond, Makiya, College of Southern Idaho

Boote, Jory, Dickinson State University

Bowen, Codie, New Mexico State University

Brewer, Shantell, Montana State University

Brost, Braden, Casper College

Brouillette, Owen, Fort Scott Community College

Bruening, Lacy, Southwest Texas Junior College

Buckner, Kennedy, Blue Mt Community College

Bush, Joby, Oklahoma State University

Bustad, Jase, Montana State University

Cape, Hayden, West Texas A&M University

Carl, Cheyanne, University of Montana

Cavender, Kyle, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Chasek , Justin, Eastern Wyoming College

Chrislaw , Nicole, Murray State University

Christian, Carly, Texas Tech University, Lubbock

Clark, Kadra, Chadron State University

Coffield, Chadron, University of Wyoming

Cook, Kennedy, New Mexico State University

Coombs, Baily, Eastern Wyoming College

Cornia, Kaylee, Idaho State University

Covey, Holli, University of Tennessee, Martin

Cowan, Cade, East Mississippi Community College

Cox, Brittney, Montana State University, Northern

Crandall, Wyatt, Ranger College

Cunningham, Lakin, Missouri Valley College

Currin, Jacee, Montana State University

Day, Wacey, Northeastern Junior College

Dean, Henry, Oklahoma State University

Dearmin, Chandler, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Deckard, Lane, Murray State University

Deere, Blaize, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Deerman, Maddy, Tarleton State University

Detweiler, Katelyn, New Mexico State University

Dial, Wyatt, Blue Mt Community College

Dierks, Sage, Kansas State University

Dirden, Skylee, Montana State University, Northern

Doerr, Maddee, Cochise College

Doherty, Matthew, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Doyal, Cierra, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Dubois, Emmalee, Utah Valley University

Duke, Sierra, Utah Valley University

Eason, Ty, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Elkington, Clay, Central Arizona College

English, Cashlyn, Utah Valley University

Egusguiza , Cody, Ranger College

Everson, Jordyn, Eastern New Mexico University

Filinger, Max, Missouri Valley College

Floyd, Tyson, Mitchell Technical College

Flynn, Caiden, College of Southern Idaho

Fossum, Isabella, Montana State University

Fournier, Shea, McNeese State University

Freeman, Samuel, Three Rivers College

Gatewood, Charlcie, Oklahoma State University

Giger, Hannah, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Giles, Hayes, Utah Valley University

Goemmer , Dally, New Mexico State University

Goodey, Emily, Utah State University

Goodrich, Josie, Washington State University

Griffin, Jack, Texas A&M University

Gross, Hadley, Colorado Northwestern Community College

Groves, Kailyn, Dickinson State University

Guin, Colton, Central Arizona College

Haalilio , Camela, Central Arizona College

Hale, Trevor, Cisco College

Hall, Tatum, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Hallin, Kelsey, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Ham, Meza, Black Hills State University

Hannum, Riley, Black Hills State University

Hanson, Brooklyn, Black Hills State University

Harris, Jesse, Hill College

Harrison, Bryce, University of Montana, Western

Hasenack , Ryley, Colorado State University

Hepper, Cate, Montana State University

Hickson, McKenna, Sul Ross State University

Hilzendeger, Cara, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Hotalen, Sebastian, Dixie State University

Hughes, Hannah, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Husted, Haley, Black Hills State University

Ikonen, Elizabeth, Ranger College

Jacobs, Tori, Iowa Central Community College

John, Faith, Cisco College

Johnson, Chancy, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Johnson, Coy, Gillette College

Johnson, Fallon, Utah State University

Jones, Carlie, Kansas State University

Jones, Haven, Idaho State University

Kalawai'A , Trisyn ,  , Central Arizona College

Kay, Trevor, University of Montana, Western

Kaylor, Cutter, Hill College

Kelderman, Rachel, Black Hills State University

Kibbe, Hadley, Sul Ross State University

Kittle, Riley, Cisco College

Knierieme , Philip, California State University, Fresno

Knust, Emily, Gillette College

Kohr, Sage, Montana State University

Krolczyk, Shayne, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Kunau, Delaney, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Kunkee , Dalton, Mid-Plains Community College

Kunkee , Weston, Mitchell Technical College

Landis, Montana, Utah Valley University

Ledesma, Avery, New Mexico State University

Lehrmann, Bryana, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Lensegrav , Kelsey, University of Wyoming

Livengood, Clay, East Mississippi Community College

Lockhart, Alyssa, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Louwagie, Khristian, Iowa Central Community College

Marek, Mayce, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Marr, Shacie , Eastern New Mexico University

Mason, Taylor, Missouri Valley College

Matthews, Jaylie, East Mississippi Community College

Matthews, Taycie, East Mississippi Community College

Mattson, Bodie, Gillette College

Mayfield, Kall, Central Wyoming College

McBride, Matthew, Blue Mt Community College

McBride, Shannon, South Dakota State University

McGee, Cashae, Black Hills State University

McNeill, Kenna, Oklahoma State University

McGraw, Winsten, Cisco College

Meeks, Caleb, Montana State University

Meier, Tanner, Garden City Community College

Miller, Breyana, Feather River College

Mitchell, Ben, Cisco College

Moeykens, Tayla, Montana State University

Moody, Madison, Black Hills State University

Morris, Ainslee, Hill College

Morris, Brooke, Utah State University

Mundell, Samuel, Walla Walla Community College

Munoz, Landon, Northern Arizona University

Nelson, Coy, Iowa Central Community College

Nelson, Shaw, South Dakota State University

Nielsen, Kalyn, Mid-Plains Community College

 Norell, Kathi, Sul Ross State University

O'Day, Sami, Kansas State University

Oldfield, Roan, Cisco College

Olsen, Bret, Utah Valley University

Orem, Matthew, Blue Mt Community College

Outhier, Madison, Texas A&M University

Parham, Mitchell, California State University, Fresno

Parker, Charlie, Western Oklahoma State College

Pauley, Emilee, Black Hills State University

Petersen, Denton, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Peterson, Beau, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Pettijohn, Wade, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Plummer, McKenzi , Black Hills State University

Polhamus, Walker, Colorado State University

Pollitt, Stran, New Mexico Junior College

Powers, Maren, California State University, Fresno

Price, Luke, Fort Scott Community College

Rasmussen, Paige, Montana State University

Rau, Jaycie, Black Hills State University

Reid, Cecilia, Montana State University, Northern

Renfrow, Hattie, Iowa Central Community College

Retzer, Prairie, South Dakota State University

Richards, Madalyn, Texas A&M University

Richardson, David, Western Texas College

Ricke, Kaitlyn, Oklahoma State University

Rieken, Riley, Panola College

Riley, Kirsten, Panola College

Robbins, Prairie Rose, Fort Scott Community College

Roemer, Betsy, Missouri Valley College

Rogers, Kaycee, University of Montana, Western

Rotenberger, Molly, Sheridan College

Russell, Amanda, New Mexico Junior College

Russell, Lexie, Oklahoma State University

Sabrosky, Macey, Dickinson State University

Salmond, Molly, Montana State University

Schauer, Madelyn, Eastern New Mexico University

Schmidt, TJ, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Schneiter, Kelby, Western Texas College

Schoeppach , Payton, Cuesta College

Shells, Todd, Hill College

Shake, Sadie, Colorado Northwestern Community College

Shaw, Wes, College of Southern Idaho

Skene, Tanner, Sul Ross State University

Skocdopole , Chase, New Mexico Junior College

Smith, Weston, Feather River College

Smith, Wyatt, Feather River College

Soileau, Gavin, McNeese State University

Stahler, Kenneth, Mitchell Technical College

Steed, Raegan, College of Southern Idaho

Stevenson, Rachael, Montana State University

Stokes, Cooper, Weber State University

Sullivan, Tristan, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Tastad, Sydney, Oklahoma State University

Tettenhorst , Jayse, Trinity Valley Community College

Theobald, Sydney, Black Hills State University

Theriot, Mason, Pearl River Community College

Thomison, Shiloh, Western Texas College

Thorstenson, Tayla, Black Hills State University

Todacheenie, Jaken, Northland Pioneer College

Traylor, Kaylee, Hill College

Trexler, Cole, Miles Community College

Turek, Grant, Gillette College

Turner, Cashen, Texas Tech University, Lubbock

VanBiezen , Jett, Central Wyoming College

Vander Voort, Kristen, Sheridan College

Veldhuizen, Sydney, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Verhulst, Karli, Black Hills State University

Vocu, Bo, New Mexico State University

Vollmer, Haley, Kansas State University

Wadsworth, Derek, Utah State University

Watkins, McKenzie, New Mexico Junior College

Weeks, Matthew, Panola College

Weich, Amy, New Mexico State University

Weltz, Shelby, Central Wyoming College

Williams, Michelle, Montana State University

Wolaver, Sadie, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Wolstein, Haven, Montana State University

Wolstein, Treg, Montana State University

Woolstenhulme, Paden, Northwest College

Wooters, Jaycee, Black Hills State University

Wycherley, Drake, Weber State University

The national headquarters of the NIRA are located in Walla Walla, Washington.  More information on the association and results from recent events available on www.collegerodeo.com.